Trip to Hot Land in Photos

Eva and I had an amazing day in Tierra Caliente (hot land) today. We drove through gorgeous mountain scenery to the small town of La Vega and then on to a nature reserve which was spectacularly beautiful. But here, I will let the pictures do the talking….

Also kids update for our families and people who know our kids. Jade seems happy and excited about school the past couple of days. She has a friend who she seems to really like – the new girl with whom we had several play dates over break. This girl is really sweet and is always waiting for Jade when we arrive (since we live across the street from school, we tend to arrive right as the school bell is ringing.) Jade was talking to her friend in Boston over Skype the other day and she told her that she has taken this new girl under her wing because “she knows what it’s like to be the new girl.” Awww! My baby is growing up.

And in Saige news…. we found a school option for her that we are really happy with! Apparently there is another Waldorf preschool a few blocks from our house. We didn’t even know that it existed. It is run by a former teacher from our older girls’ school and it is really sweet. It is basically one Waldorf classroom attached to the teacher’s house, with a large yard, full of simple, natural toys, a sandpit, and a garden of organic vegetables that the kids help water and take care of. There are only eight kids, half of them close to Saige’s age and the teacher was fantastic! I was really amazed at her gentleness and wisdom as I watched her interact with the kids. The teacher is really open to Saige going only three mornings a week for three hours each day and best of all, she is happy to have our nanny there to help out with Saige and other kids as needed. It feels more like going to play at somebody’s house than a school and with our nanny there, I figure Saige will just treat it like a playdate. Win/win/win again.

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