Finally, Three kids and a Cat

Our cat Montgomery arrived!! It’s so great to have him here. It finally feels like we live here, for real. Something was missing and I now realize that it was Montgomery.

We took Eva to Andres Carne de Res Friday night and it was really fun. She said that she had never been to a place quite like it. And that’s what Andres is: unique and fun. We took a bunch of photos with Eva’s camera and I will put them up as soon as she emails them to me.

Eva left on Saturday and I was sad to see her go. It was really fun to share our life in Colombia with a dear friend. Having Eva here really helped me appreciate Colombian culture, especially its friendliness and emphasis on relationships, even more. Eva really noticed the friendliness and warmth of the people here and my “gringa” tendencies, like jumping in and just saying what I need to shopkeepers when in a hurry rather than bothering to say “hello, good afternoon. How are you?” became a running joke throughout her stay. I am now seeing it as my personal development goal to learn to slow down and exchange pleasantries even when I am very busy. 

Eva’s visit also helped me see how much I have adapted to life here over the past six months. Every time Eva gasped as we drove through traffic which has become normal for me, I thought of how far I have come in a relatively short period of time. Of course it’s possible that Eva was gasping at my driving since I often became highly engaged in conversation with her and drove in a distracted manner. This is not a country where you can drive while distracted. You have to concentrate 100% at all times.

Today, we went to Suesca, a small village about 40 minutes from our house which is abit of a rock climbing mecca here. It was really beautiful and fun to see Colombian rock climbing culture. I am really amazed by the diversity of places nearby to go hiking or do outdoor activities. The friend we went with is a biologist with strong environmental leanings. She and her husband know of so many gorgeous places to enjoy nature. I haven’t seen any guidebooks about this here so I had a thought: what if she and I write a guidebook of places near Bogota to enjoy the great outdoors? I need to do some research to make sure nothing like this exists. If not, maybe it’s time to jump into my dream of being a travel writer.

On a different note, Saige starts school tomorrow. Yikes!

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