Photos of a Night Out

Here are the photos I promised from our night in Andres. Andres Carne de Res is the most famous restaurant/party place in Colombia, which is saying a lot because this is a country that likes to party.

On a different note, Saige started school today. Actually, it’s a one room school attached to the teacher’s house and she went accompanied by our nanny the whole time, but still, it was a big deal for me. Especially because I had a not-so-pleasant interaction with her teacher last Friday. Here is what happened. I went to the school to sign the contract and pay. As I approached the house, I heard a child crying for his mommy inside. As a mom, it didn’t feel good to listen to a child cry for his mom when at school.

I rang the doorbell and stood at the gate waiting for somebody to open it, listening to this child cry all the while. The sound was coming from the classroom, the door of which was closed. I probably stood there for about two minutes, which seemed like an eternity with the crying child, when I saw the teacher walk out of her house to open the door for me. The child was alone, locked in the classroom crying! Yikes! I asked her about it and she said that she stepped out for a second to answer the phone and that he wasn’t crying when she left and that he cries because he is tired and doesn’t want to eat…. and on and on with the excuses.

My attitude of “I am trying to be polite because I am a guest in this country and perhaps don’t know how things are done” went out the window. I told the teacher that I had been standing there for a full two minutes so I know that she didn’t leave for “just a second” and regardless, that it is not acceptable to leave a two year old child alone, crying or not. There is a lot of trouble that a two year old can get into on his own. I was so shaken by this that I told her that if this was my child, I would pull him out of this school. The teacher was sheepishly looking down while I was talking and just repeated that she left him for a second.

Now I was wondering how on earth I could sign up Saige at this place. I was about to leave when reason took over and I realized that I am not really sending Saige to school. This “school” is basically a substitute for play dates and the opportunity for Saige to get out of the house and socialize with other kids for a few hours three days per week. She will be there with our nanny the whole time and our nanny’s job will be to take care of Saige first and foremost. If there is time and energy, she will help the teacher with the other kids but knowing our nanny, she will be happy to devote all of her energy to Saige. I talked it over with Esteban and we decided to stick to our plan and see how it goes. But as you can imagine, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Back to Saige’s first day of school though. It seems to have gone well in that she had fun playing for a couple of hours but then she wanted to go home. We will have to see how things go from here on out.

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