Vivre La Difference!

What do you get when you mix two Americans, an Indian, a Russian from Kyrgistan, an Armenian living in China, three Chinese women, a Beninian, a Ghanian, a Kenyan, an Ecuadorian, a Ukranian, and an Argentine, with a couple of Colombians? A really fun night of drinking and dancing with Esteban’s co-workers at Andres Carne de Res!

I could say that some stereotypes were lived up to: the Colombians were great dancers, the Russian was the life of the party after two bottles of Aguardiente (a Sambuca-like local alcohol), the Chinese women unabashedly took photos of voluptuous dancing Colombian women, the African men were very polite, but really, it was fun to be a part of such a diverse group. Most of these people had never been outside of their home countries and the cultural differences were striking, especially since Colombia is not a very diverse country, in terms of being a host to people from around the world. I have only met a handful of foreigners here in the past six months, most of them European or American.

It was also really interesting to see and hear the group’s reaction to Colombia and Andres.”Wow, I have never seen a place like this.” “Colombians really know how to dance. They are so relaxed.””These people work hard and then know how to have a good time.””Look, everybody is dancing and nobody is even fighting.” “I kept hearing how dangerous Colombia is but it doesn’t seem dangerous at all now that we are here.” “Everybody is so friendly.” “Wow, they don’t dance like this in __________ (fill in the blank with China, India, the US, Armenia).

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