Nanny Saga

It has been really good to have Esteban’s parents here. His mom especially has been very supportive as I struggle with the nanny issue. When I started beating myself up for not listening to my gut which said there was something off during the interview, she reminded me that it’s really difficult to move to a foreign country with children. You have to deal with so much at once. It’s all new, a new environment, new culture, new customs, plus having to arrange all of the logistics of life at once (housing, schooling, childcare, car, driving, government papers) with three kids in tow, one barely walking.

It was so good for me to hear that. It was so wonderful to have somebody who has been through it (they moved countries twice) offer empathy and support. Again, it made me realize that the downside to not having many expat friends here is that there has been nobody to commiserate with or to empathize with how hard it is at times to find my bearings in such a different environment. I was so grateful for her understanding, I almost burst into tears.

As for the nanny issue, I was berating myself because I couldn’t help but think that it I listened to my inner voice, which is ALWAYS right, I would have avoided the girls getting attached to her and we would have avoided the very messy extraction process that we now have to deal with. To be fair, I was more worried about my children not getting kidnapped when we arrived that I wasn’t as concerned about them being properly stimulated. Not that I know that Colombia’s reputation of danger is seriously overblown, I am more concerned with finding a maternal, loving, energetic caregiver for our very energetic and lively toddler.

So with that, I have made some phone calls and have several women to interview for next week.

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2 Responses to Nanny Saga

  1. Eva says:

    I’m so glad to read that you’re finding the support you need right now from your Mother in Law. What a gift!
    Is there anything I can do to help soothe your missing your US friends?
    PS Get this – I finally cleaned out my purse from my trip to Chia and found – hidden in a pocket – a 50mil! Grrrreat….

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