Last Chance

Siena woke up with a stomach ache. She has actually been complaining of one since she started school again. I thought that maybe she was nervous about school but as per the doctor who came by for a home visit, it could be amoebas or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Only lab work and dietary restrictions will tell. And cutting out school lunches, which he and I both thought might be the culprit. Who knows how clean the water they use to cook and wash the food is?

As an aside, the doctor had no sense of humor. When he asked me if anybody in the family had a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I replied, “el gato” (the cat). He didn’t even chuckle or smile, but looked me straight in the eyes and said, “no, then?” OK, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

Anyway, we will have to get the lab work done tomorrow and see. I know from previous experience that no amoeba test is conclusive so we will have to investigate until we get to the bottom of this. Notice how casual I am about amoebas these days. We get used to everything, don’t we?

Meanwhile, I spent the day with Siena and Saige at home while Esteban took his parents and Jade on a sightseeing trip to Bogota. This gave me a chance to not only comfort Siena but also to be the “nanny I wish I had” to Saige (I guess that’s why they call me “mom”). Thanks to my dear friend Eva, who while she was visiting here, suggested that Saige would love a Montessori classroom, I set up a bean stand. Red beans, white beans, several different sized bowl and pots, spoons, a scooper, a ladle, and, of course, a broom to sweep up the beans that eventually got all over the floor. At least an hour and a half of fun for Saige, scooping, pouring, measuring, throwing all over the floor! Even Siena got in on the act. Our housekeeper said, “I haven’t seen her this happy and lively in a while.”

Arrow to the heart! Back to the nanny issue. I have a few interviews set up next week but meanwhile, Esteban and I will jointly have a “last talk” with our nanny to see if we can pump some life into her or at least get a sense whether it’s possible, with major oversight on my part, to get her to execute what I ask her to do – art projects, singing, listening to music, etc. Experience tells me that she will try for a few weeks and slack off but Esteban feels strongly that she needs a last warning before we fire her. OK, I am game.

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One Response to Last Chance

  1. Eva says:

    I’m so glad to hear that my Montessori idea went over well for your little focused and organized smartie Saige!

    Love to you and your awesome kids!

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