Homesick No More

Just wanted to let you know that I am over my homesickness, at least for the moment. Over the past week, I have been talking to several families who are interested in renting our house in the Boston area. All the people I have talked to have been so curious about our life in Colombia, that it gave the kick in the backside that I needed. “Snap out of it! You get to live in Colombia for a couple of years! You are living in the Andes! You get to do different things, travel, have adventures, get to know another culture, and have the time to write about it all. The kids get to learn Spanish. You have a housekeeper and a nanny for God’s sake, and private horseback riding, tennis and ceramics lessons for the family. This isn’t business as usual. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Enjoy it!”

I heard the message loud and clear. Not to mention that talking to all of these people who are planning to move to Boston, I realized that I would not want to trade places with them. No offense to anybody from the Boston area who is reading this. I miss my friends. The Boston area is beautiful. But I would much rather be here right now. Plus, it’s sunny and warm outside.

So I am back to enjoying life here and feeling grateful. I am even grateful, or at least trying to be, as I have my what has become daily meeting with my nanny and housekeeper. “Here is the white board. Here is what we need to do today. Please clean up after yourself. Please feed Saige cucumbers when she asks for cucumbers.” It’s a bit tedious, but hey, I have household staff and they need to be managed! I probably won’t be able to say that at a different time in my life so I might as well enjoy…

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