Catching up with Photos

I am back to loving life in Colombia! The kids are finally doing great! Jade seems happy in school, loves having a best friend, and is really enjoying tennis and ceramics. Siena is happy to have lost her top front teeth, still loves horseback riding and decided to take up tennis. Esteban is doing well, still enjoying his job and started taking tennis lessons as well. Saige is cute as can be, loves her nursery school and her new friends there, and is not taking tennis lessons.

As for me, I am making some close friends who I can really talk to honestly and openly (a key necessity for me), planning upcoming trips (a passion!), writing a lot, and… you guessed it… taking tennis lessons. It’s becoming a family thing and I didn’t want to be left out. Plus, I was getting bored with my daily walks and chasing a tennis ball at 9,000 feet is definitely a good cardio work-out. Nothing like taking up a new sport in my forties to make me feel like a kid again!

Here are some recent photos of life in Colombia:

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2 Responses to Catching up with Photos

  1. Eva says:

    I remember so many of those places!!
    Siena looks so cute with no teeth and Saige has changed even in just the past month! Does she still love her buttons?
    Jade looks even more grown up and in her skin.
    Nice to hear your contentment Natalie.

    Sending hugs and hellos to all,

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