Aye, Que Frio!

Winter is back upon us it seems. The days are cooler and becoming more rainy or drizzly. The local government work crew is working hard to widen the river and put up larger barriers to avoid flooding this season. Last year at this time, the flooding was severe.

Meanwhile, we are going native. We are starting to complain “que frio!” when the temperature drops to the low 60’s. Sad but true! It’s easy to get used to warmth and sunny, blue skies. We can still play tennis outside though so it’s not too bad.

We had a good weekend and now need to prepare with my US taxes. We also have tenants for our house in Boston next year. A nice German family with three kids. There was a bit of drama on the house front because several families wanted the house and it was hard to choose. This is what could be described as a problem of abundance though – a nice problem to have.

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