A Stab In a Mother’s Heart

Esteban tried to kill a fly during dinner tonight. “Why did you do that?” all of us females in the family asked.

“Because it was annoying me,” answered Esteban.

“Would you like us to kill you when you are annoying?” replied our nine year old, Jade. Hey when did she get so smart and smart mouthed?

“Do you get annoyed with me a lot, Jade?” asked Esteban.

“About 50% of the time,” she replied.

“And what about with mom?” inquired my husband. Now, why am I being brought into this?

“About 50% of the time,” said my firstborn.

“So you are annoyed with one of us 100% of the time,” I asked. Why not use this conversation as an opportunity to work on her math skills?

“Yes”, she said.

“Why are you annoyed with mom?” asked Esteban. Hmmm, why is the focus on me again?

“Because we are here because of her and we are not going back to Boston,” she answered.

Ugh, a stab to the heart! Just when I thought things were settling down and that everybody, including Jade, is happy here. Maybe this is all part of the preadolescent phase she is going through, the nine year change. Kids at this age feel like they don’t belong anywhere. They start to realize that they are separate from the world around them and that the adults they have idolized are fallible. She has seemed happy lately. Maybe she feels bad because her best friends at school played dodgeball during recess, a game she hates. Maybe she would be unhappy anywhere right now.

“Do you want to go back to Boston?” asked my husband.

“Yes, yes, yes. right now. Go buy tickets now,” she replied without hesitation.

Or maybe I made a terrible mistake bringing the family here?!!! Ughh!

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