No Need to Change Countries

I had an epiphany of sorts as I was playing tennis today with my husband: I don’t necessarily need to change countries to keep life new and fresh. I can just change it up by taking up a new sport.

I am a person who likes change and new experiences and adventures. I get bored with the status quo super quickly. I am realizing now that most of my “homesickness” a few weeks ago was not so much homesickness as a desire for a change. Living in Colombia was no longer “new”. It was starting to feel like normal life so I started to do what I always do: I ask myself whether this is what I really want in life.

As you can imagine this question has led to both a lot of positive change over the years, like moving to Colombia, but also to a lot of dissatisfaction. Sure, it would be great to spend this year in Colombia and then move on to India (my husband’s work has an office there as well) for a completely different experience. This option would probably make Esteban’s boss very happy. But with three kids, one of whom, our nine year old, just recently somewhat adjusted to life here now, moving yet again is not a great option.

So I took up tennis. It might not sound like much but I have always believed I was “bad at sports.” As I remember back to elementary school, I was always one of the last kids picked when team captains were picking kids for games of dodge ball in gym class.

And now in my early forties, I find that working out, eating healthy and taking care of myself all of these years has paid off. I have somehow become “pretty good at sports.” It has been an empowering experience. It feels new and fresh and fun… and I didn’t have to move.

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