Rainy season is upon us in full force. While I did see some sunshine yesterday morning, it began raining by yesterday afternoon and hasn’t stopped since. Tennis lessons were cancelled yesterday and I am sure they will be today as well. I am bummed. I really love my tennis lessons and so do the girls. And who knows how long this will go on?

Meanwhile, I do have some good news. I ran into our former housekeeper yesterday. You might remember, the one I fired due to hygiene issues. The one whose personal story was heartbreaking and cost me many a sleepless night.

Well, the good news is that she found a good job! She works as a cleaning person for the school system. What makes this is a good job is that like all government jobs everywhere, this one comes with stability (at least for four years until the next elections) and benefits. This is way better than the deal she had with us.

I was really happy, not just for her and her family, but also because once again this was proof that if I make the difficult choice (firing her) while being true to myself and the situation (I had to put my kids’ health and welfare first), everything works out for the highest good of all involved (we have a fantastic housekeeper now and our former housekeeper has an even better job). Win/win.

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