Amoebas again?

Yikes, we might be dealing with amoebas again! And four days before our scheduled trip to Peru and Argentina.

Saige, our 21 month old, is showing some of the symptoms. I will spare you the details since it involves various bodily fluids but suffice it to say that she was up four times last night, throwing up, diarhhea, fever, the works. We called the fancy Bogota pediatrician this morning. He is out of town for the weekend but talked to me for awhile ( I love how doctors answer their cell phones here; no pesky phone service to take a message so the doctor can call you back). At one point, he thought that we should take her to the emergency room to make sure she was not dehydrated and also to help ease some of her discomfort, but wound up opining that we can wait and see how she does. “Emergency rooms are traumatic for children,” he said. A man after my own heart.

He also was very adamant that we go to Santa Fe Hospital, which has a specialized children’s emergency room. He said that they are disorganized and the wait is often longer than it needs to be, but they are very capable medically. They tend to treat patients quickly and effectively and then send them home. “If you go somewhere else, she will most likely be hospitalized needlessly for 4 or 5 days,” he said. There is no way I am leaving my baby in a Colombian hospital, or any nationality’s hospital, for that matter, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Hospitals freak me out.

But I digress. As the day progressed, Saige’s symptoms seem to have lessened and her general mood improved. That’s a very hopeful sign. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. If not, we will go visit the big, fancy Bogota doctor and take it from there.

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