Update from the sick front

The bad news: Siena and Jade (?) bite the dust too. The good news: it’s a stomach virus (rather than amoebas).

So here is the update from our sick household. Saige, our 21 month old, has not thrown up in 24 hours and is drinking liquids now and eating a bit but she is weak and cranky with all kinds of awful noises coming from her stomach. Poor baby! Siena, our 6 year old, threw up several times last night and has been sleeping and resting all day, complaining of a stomach ache while awake. Jade chose to jump on the bandwagon by complaining of a stomach ache and feeling dizzy when she woke up this morning but we think that she just didn’t feel like going to school and missing all the fun at home. She seems perfectly fine now.

Esteban and I are fine for now but washing our hands religiously. We really don’t want to catch whatever this is especially with our upcoming trip to Peru and Argentina. Speaking of the trip, I am getting super excited for it. The Peru portion will be short this time but full of catching up with friends. A driver will pick us up straight form the airport and take us to our friends’ beach house, about an hour away. We will spend a couple of days with our friends at the beach and then head back to Lima to spend a day with another friend and her kids. Then off to Buenos Aires we fly.

Buenos Aires should also be lots of fun. Catching up with my husband’s family, sightseeing, going to world class museums, seeing the Davis Cup (Esteban got very good tickets) and eating really good food and amazing gelato. I can’t wait!

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