You Get What You Pay For

Just this morning I was telling a friend in the States how we called a doctor to come and see Saige and not only did she come to the house within an hour, but it only cost us about $14 (and this only because the US dollar is plummeting vis-a-vis the Colombian peso).

“Wow, no wonder you want to stay another year,” she said. “That just sounds too good to be true.” I would say that it’s more a case of you get what you pay for.

Saige was not doing well this morning. She threw up again last night and this morning was alternatively super cranky and listless. We called the fancy doctor in Bogota. He seemed to think it was a virus that is going around Bogota. “Half of my patients over the past couple of weeks have had the same symptoms,” he said. He also thought that her condition might have been exacerbated by the lentils and beans I ate yesterday. I am still nursing you see.

The fancy doctor agreed to squeeze us in for an appointment at 4:45. It was 8 am and hard to watch our baby suffer for almost nine more hours so we decided to call the local clinic for a house call from one of their doctors.

A rather surly young doctor came to our house. She didn’t even smile at Saige or try to engage her in any way. She did a super quick exam, confirmed that Saige had the virus that is going around Chia, and prescribed an anti-vomiting medicine.

We decided to keep our appointment with the fancy Bogota doctor. And thank God! Even though the drive was about two and a half hours round trip and the fifteen minute appointment cost us $130, it was all well worth it. Apparently Saige not only has a stomach virus but an advanced ear infection as well. The problem is that she needs antibiotics for the ear infection but these will aggravate her stomach symptoms. The fancy Bogota doctor (although I call him that I want to state for the record that he is a warm and caring human being and an extremely knowledgeable medical professional) prescribed the mildest antibiotic that is available and said that hopefully it will cure the ear infection without aggravating her tummy issues too much.

Please say a prayer that she gets better and that we somehow get on that plane to Lima in less than 48 hours.

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