The Beauty and The Beast

As predicted, Saige, our 21 month old, was up by 6:20 am. I got up with the kids and was basically hating life. Four hours of sleep just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

The beach was blissfully empty

After several cups of coffee, I decided to make the best out of my situation by taking the kids to the beach. This was a great decision! The beach was beautiful and there weren’t many people there early in the morning. This is definitely not an early to bed/early to rise culture.

The girls frolicked in the waves and I enjoyed sitting there with Saige soaking up the magical energy.

After about an hour at the beach, we headed back to the house to pack up and get a ride back to Lima and see some more friends. The rest of the adults slept in until 10 am. I was super jealous!

The ride to Lima passed some gorgeous desert like scenery of high sand dunes, dry mountains and the vast Pacific Ocean. I tried to stay awake to look out the window but quickly succumbed to a much needed power nap.

We arrived at our friends’ apartment and received a very warm reception! It was great to see them and Siena was thrilled to play with one of her best friends from Boston.

We had a yummy lunch of Peruvian chicken and potatoes with aji (potatoes originate in Peru, which has over 3,200 different varieties of the starched root), wandered around our friends’ neighborhood, played at a local playground and went to the best ice cream shop in Lima.

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It would have all been wonderful except that Saige grew miserable as the afternoon wore on. After the ice cream, she began screaming out in pain every five to 10 minutes, her whole body contorting and growing rigid. It was horrible to see her in so much pain and not know what to do! We called our pediatrician in Bogota but he had little advice other than to have a local doctor examine her. Hmmm, where to find a pediatrician on a Sunday late afternoon in a foreign city?

We called our friend’s sister, who is a pediatrician in Lima. She told us that this is all probably still a reaction to the stomach virus that Saige had earlier in the week. Young children take a long time to recuperate. She also told us that we should go to an urgent care clinic just to be on the safe side.

We weren’t so sure. It was 7 pm at this point. We had to catch an early morning flight to Buenos Aires and Saige was exhausted. Spending a good chuck of the night in an urgent care clinic being poked and prodded would not replenish her. Plus, we were starting to suspect that what she had was actually really bad gas. She was clearly miserable and our friend’s sister did suggest that we get some stronger medicine. I am not a huge fan of medicine that comes with a long list of side effects but Saige was so miserable that I relented. She finally passed out at about 8:30 pm and so did the rest of us. What a day!

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