Losing Steam

Today started off as a comedy of errors. We took a train to visit Esteban’s grandmother at the nursing home in which she is living. Esteban didn’t know the exact street address but he knew which street it was on. We got off the train and saw a beautiful nursing home in front of us. We walked in and asked for Cleo Matilde. “Cleotilde?” said the nurse. “Sure, maybe that’s the name she goes by,” we said.

Well imagine our surprise when a woman who was not Esteban’s grandmother was brought out to see her grandson. Turns out we were in the wrong nursing home. Esteban’s grandmother was in a nursing home a few doors down. Who would have thought? Two nursing homes on the same street.

Down the street we went until we found the right nursing home. Esteban’s grandmother was very happy to see us and the visit was going well until Saige decided to enter toddlerhood full force by throwing her first temper tantrum. She screamed like a possessed child non-stop for over 30 minutes because I wouldn’t let her pick flowers in the nursing home’s garden. Ughh, it was so embarrassing! Other nursing home residents were trying to take a nap and weren’t very happy that their sleep was being disrupted. Other residents came out to see what was all that commotion. Luckily, she eventually spent all her energy and calmed down.

Jade and Siena making empanadasAfter that somewhat unfortunate visit, we went to Esteban’s uncle’s house where the girls learned to make Argentine empanadas (pastry with a filling of meat, onions, egg, red peppers and green olives) with the housekeeper. We then ate them for lunch and they were delicious!

Satiated we headed off for more ice cream and then a visit to El Tigre, a town on the river that is about 45 minutes away from Buenos Aires. It was peaceful, relaxing and wonderful to get out of the city for a little while.

We ended our night at a Mexican restaurant with very bad food. We were exhausted! The non-stop sightseeing and visits, with a sick and cranky toddler in tow, are starting to wear us down. As an aside, as we were leaving the restaurant at 10 pm, other diners were just arriving, many with very young babies and toddlers in tow. How do they do it? We can’t seem to handle this pace for more than a couple of days.

Here are some photos of our day:

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