Love Affair Coming to an End?

My love affair with Buenos Aires is starting to wither as I get progressively more exhausted. We have had a non-stop schedule in an enormous city, with all of the sensory stimulation this entails and three kids, one of whom is a very active, cranky toddler.

My dear husband realized that I was at the end of my rope today and gave me an hour to go shopping while he took the kids to a carousel at a nearby park. Speed shopping – I got three tops to go out in back in Bogota in less than an hour. Woo! Hoo!

After that, the day was non-stop activity. We had lunch with another cousin of Esteban’s

Puerto Madero

and her family. Then we went to visit the oldest ship in Argentina, the Fragata Libertad, followed by ice cream in Puerto Madero, an ultra ritzy part of town built at an old port, full of expensive restaurants.

We then went to a birthday party at another cousin’s house. The kids had a blast.

Finally, Jade, our 9 year old, and I escaped for a much needed night out on the town. We went to see Mama Mia in Spanish at the Teatro Opera in the theater district. It was kind of funny to hear ABBA translated into Spanish but fun nonetheless.

Here are some photos of our day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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