A Heavy Heart

Happy Easter! We had a fabulous day celebrating it with Esteban’s family. We went to his aunt’s house for an “asado”, an Argentine barbecue, an Easter egg hunt and tea. Eating seems to be our main activity here. My pants are getting tight and are hard to zip up.

The family gathered for the asado

We all had such a great time.  Nobody wanted to leave. There is nothing quite like the warmth of family. Although they hadn’t seen each other in four years, the girls played with their cousins like they see each other all of the time. The girls don’t want to go back to Colombia.  “Why can’t we stay here and see our cousins all the time?” they ask. The pull of family is very strong.

“There is nothing like blood,” said Esteban’s aunt as she got all choked up saying goodbye to us.

Here are some photos of our fantastic day:

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I am leaving Buenos Aires with a heavy heart. I see everything changing. Saige is moving into toddlerhood, Jade into adolescence. I see them growing up without roots, without family around. What will this mean to them? Will they spend their lives looking for a place to belong? Where do we go from here? To Boston, where we have made some good friends and love our school? To DC, where they were born and have strong ties? To another country for more adventures? No matter where we go there will be no family around. My family is in Chicago. Esteban’s in Northern California. There is no work for us in either of these places.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our life and the choices we have made. I love the adventure that we are currently living and the opportunity to travel and get to know another culture at a deeper level. I love that my kids are becoming fluent in Spanish. I get antsy and feel suffocated if I am in one place for too long. I am a vagabond at heart. But everything in life comes with a price. Will the price for all of this moving around be too high?

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