A Sad Goodbye

Our last day in Buenos Aires. Half day actually and we are all feeling sad. Jade and Siena want to live here. They love having family around. And despite the exhaustion, Esteban and I have really enjoyed this trip and the sense of belonging somewhere.

Our last breakfast in our hip Palermo apartment

We had our last breakfast of media lunas (sweet croissants) and sandwiches de miga (super thin sandwiches of egg salad, prosciutto and cheese, prosciutto and arugula) and headed off to explore our neighborhood, Palermo, a little more. I even escaped for an hour to some local shops, and got a few cool shirts and costume jewelry, while Esteban took the kids to a playground.

Of course, it’s impossible for us to spend time here without eating nonstop, so within an hour and a half of breakfast, we were back at a local café eating lunch. More sandwiches de miga for the kids and a yummy lunch of arugula, green olive and parmesan cheese salad, followed by pasta with pesto and sundried tomatoes for Esteban and I. And amazing café con leche, of course!

After lunch, it was with heavy hearts that we got into our taxi to go to the airport. We comforted ourselves by making plans of what we would do during our next visit. It’s only 8 months away!

Here are a few photos of our day:

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