We’re back!!!!

I always feel down the day after we get back from a trip and today is no exception.  I guess I am a vagabond at heart. I am never as happy and content as when I am traveling, ideally with my family in tow.

We got back late last night. I will try to post my travel entries with photos in a timely fashion this time, but here is a quick summary.

The upside: It was a great trip overall! It was really fun to see friends in Lima and Esteban’s family in Argentina. Buenos Aires was a much needed refreshing dose of “civilization” – a big, beautiful city with many parks and green spaces, museums, culture, and great food! Esteban’s family was incredibly warm and welcoming and none of us really wanted to leave. The five of us really bonded as a family and the girls had a great tie together (Jade and Siena were walking hand-in-hand for most of the last 24 hours of our trip. This is quite an accomplishment!)

The downside: It was fairly exhausting! Saige, our 22 month old, was not feeling well for most of the trip and was therefore, very clingy. She complained and nursed pretty much non-stop. She even entered full-fledged toddlerhood by throwing her first temper tantrum which consisted of screaming bloody murder for over 30 minutes. Unfortunately this was during our visit to the retirement home where Esteban’s grandmother resides. Not good timing!

So now we are back and just getting into the swing of things. As always, it was great to come back to a clean house, to childcare so I could coach all morning and write now, and to the prospect of babysitting this weekend so Esteban and I can get a much needed evening out without our dear children.

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