I’ve Got My Groove Back

Top 12 Reasons I love life:

1. The kids are happy and speaking Spanish like natives. Our main purpose for coming here has been fulfilled.

2. I asked and I have received. I have started talking to people I know about my desire for a job and it seems that there is no shortage of ways I can help. I have been offered to help start a local branch of an art therapy program which helps people displaced by the conflict in Colombia as well as children who have been sexually exploited deal with their emotions through art. I have been offered to counsel sexually exploited children. I have also been offered to work on a project that helps very poor indigenous women make a living while protecting the natural resources of the Colombian Atlantic Coast and its turtle population. So far, this last project intrigues me the most, but I need to learn more.

3. Thanks to a mom at school who works for Caracoal, Bogota’s top radio station, we got a very popular Colombian band to play at the fundraising gala I am chairing. Another mom has offered to supply inexpensive food. Now all we need is a venue and this might turn out to be a great party after all!

4. It has been fantastic to be back in ceramics class. I just love it! It is so relaxing and gratifying to create beautiful things with my hands. I also really enjoy the camaraderie of the group of my teacher and fellow classmates. I feel like I have a privileged glance into the lives of women who on the one hand, are so different from me, and, on the other hand, we so similar.

5. I joined a study group at the Waldorf School today. This year’s theme will be our autobiography – looking back at the history of our lives and how it has formed us. I love personal growth and this is a great way to form a deeper relationship with myself and with other parents and to practice my Spanish.

6. Our nanny is actually doing a good job and has formed a really close relationship with Saige. Saige is thrilled to see our nanny and seems really happy with her. I still have to remind her of many basics which I do now by writing them on a board and she has to check off that she has done them. Less stress all around.

7. My tennis game is improving.

8. Thanks to all of our household help, Esteban and I get to go on dates and spend quite abit of quality time together.

9. Despite major rains and some flooding, there has been some wonderful sunshine every day. I appreciate it even more because I know it won’t last for long.

10. We are planning a fantastic trip to Peru. We will be going for three weeks during the kids’ school break in June. I am so excited!

11. Several friends plan to come visit us during the next year. It will be wonderful to share our life here with them.

12. I feel like I am growing and learning something new every day. Living in Colombia is changing my views on friendships, parenting, time, courtesy and so much more. A lot of things that seemed so strange to me at the beginning (and which I complained about in my blog) now seem normal. I am finding myself making an effort to chat more and be more polite, to remember that relationships are more important than efficiency, and that parents have rights too. I am becoming more flexible. Every day brings something new and unexpected. Life is never dull here.

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2 Responses to I’ve Got My Groove Back

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this post! Smiling for you Natalie!

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