The Case of the Missing Piggy Bank

So the plot of the missing piggy bank thickens. Right after I wrote my last blog entry, I went to talk to my housekeeper and my nanny. I sat them both down and said, “I am not accusing you of doing anything wrong but here are the facts. A big, heavy piggy bank is missing. What do you think could have happened to it?”

Our nanny said, “I don’t know.” Our housekeeper started thinking of possible piggy bank caper scenarios. “Could it have been the workmen who came to fix the door? I left them alone downstairs for a few minutes.”

“No”, said our nanny. “I saw the piggy bank after they came.”

“Well, I noticed that the other two plastic piggy banks the girls have are full of money. Maybe somebody broke the ceramic piggy bank accidentally and then put the money in one of the plastic piggy banks,” said our housekeeper. Huh? How did she come up with this possibility? Unless she is the one who accidentally broke the piggy bank? Hmm, this is turning into a game of Clue.

“I also probably should have told you about this,” continued our housekeeper. “But I have seen Jade with money, like when we went to the store last week or to play tennis.”

“How much money did Jade have?” I asked. “I gave her some to go to the store.”

“Oh, 5,000 COP (about $2.50) at the tennis courts and 2,000 COP (about $1) at the store”, she replied.

Wait, is she trying to suggest that Jade broke her own piggy bank, quickly hid the evidence without anybody seeing and is now upset about it? Makes no sense to me. In any case, I decided that the next step was to see if the girls know how much money they have in their combined piggy banks and if all of it is in the plastic banks.

Sure enough, after school Jade verified that she has been putting coins into the plastic banks and bills, including US Dollar bills her grandma had given her for Hanukah, into the ceramic bank. That means that, as our housekeeper suggested, somebody broke the ceramic bank, hid the evidence, and put the money in the other bank.

The good news is that no money had been stolen. The bad news is that somebody won’t fess up to breaking the piggy bank. The possibility of it being the kids seem slim. Jade has no incentive to do it (we never replaced the money that was stolen from her last time) and besides, the girls are never alone in the house and have no time to break a piggy bank and clean it up so thoroughly that nobody sees any remnants. We would have seen traces on the floor and in the garbage.

So the mystery is partially solved. It’s not that big of a deal but it’s still disconcerting that somebody, most likely an adult, felt the need to hide the accident.

“Why didn’t she just tell you that she had an accident and broke the bank?” asked Jade.

“I have no idea, honey. It’s not like she would have gotten in trouble. Accidents happen. I would just like to know when things happen in our house,” I replied.

“Well, this is a different culture, Mom. Maybe she would have gotten in big trouble for something like this with her other bosses,” my nine year old replied.

When did she get so wise?

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