A Classmate with a Machete

A hormonal eleven year old with a machete? Oh my! Jade came home from school with quite a story yesterday. Apparently a man was cutting down trees on a lot adjacent to the school and the kids were very upset about it. They didn’t understand why these beautiful old trees were being cut down. The teachers were upset too. The trees were much prettier to look at than the condominiums that are being constructed behind the school. Moreover, the people cutting them down didn’t have a permit. Apparently there are environmental regulations here in Chia.

The kids reacted to this land rape by staging a protest. They made big signs and yelled at the man to stop. One girl in Jade’s class was so upset by the whole thing that she started crying hysterically, got the school  caretaker’s machete, and tried to climb over the fence threatening to kill the man.

“Que dramatica!” was all that Jade had to say about this incident.  As a parent, I couldn’t help but wonder why the school machete is not under lock and key. Am I am overprotective gringa? I don’t think so and I am going to talk to the school director about it.

In other news, Saige, our 23 month old, is sick and has an ear infection yet again. Nursery school is proving to be brutal on her immune system. What to do?

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