Happy Mother’s Day! from Gun Toating Mama

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Mother’s Day is a big deal here in Colombia. It is celebrated by giving mom a break from domestic duties so everybody either eats out or the kids and husbands cook. Traffic is horrible and restaurants are packed but it’s nice that there is a day when mothers are celebrated.

I had a glorious Mother’s Day! First and foremost, I got to sleep in, until almost 11 am. A huge treat as any parent out there knows.

Upon waking, I was treated to a scrumptious breakfast of scrambled eggs, tortilla, coffee and chocolate, all prepared by my girls. They also had lots of presents for me, all made with their hands. Siena made me an adorable napkin holder in ceramics class and several handknit necklaces and belts and Jade made me a beautiful vase.

Then we headed off into the countryside in search of a small town, a pueblo, to explore. This Mother’s Day the road led to Nemacon, a colorful town set in the mountains. Nemacon is also home to a famous salt mine but we didn’t make it there this time.

What we did was have a country lunch and ice cream and then walked around the central plaza, where the entertainment was a homemade shooting range. Seriously, a guy set up a small wooden board with a bulls-eye on it and for COP500 (about 25 cents US), anybody could try to shoot at it with a rifle. This was pretty harmless for the most part although several people were tipsy and needed to be helped holding up the rifle.

Now the weird thing is that all of this didn’t even faze us. In fact, I had to try to imagine this scene happening in Davis Square, a square near where we live in Massachusetts, to really appreciate the absurdity of what was happening. It was hard to imagine somebody just setting up a shooting range in Somerville and allowing the drunk college kids to take a shot at it with a loaded rifle.

But hey, we are not in Massachusetts and that’s the beauty of it! I paid my COP500 and took my first shot ever shot… and I hit the target, I will have you know.

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