A Great Long Weekend

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I am recovering from a great three day weekend! Siena’s party on Saturday for the first grade girls was a hit. Everybody had a great time. The kids played while the adults mingled until the kids decided to take control of the situation and get the adults involved in their games. They had us jumping, skipping, doing relay races, and playing capture the flag. The parents really got into it and capture the flag became competitive… so much fun.

Right after Siena’s party, Esteban and I got dressed and headed into Bogota for a grown-up birthday party.  It was a fabulous dinner party for eight at Cevicheria Central, a fantastic  seafood restaurant with a Peruvian twist. The food was amazing as was the conversation. Amongst the eight of us were a Salvadorean, two Colombians, a Dominican, a Chilean, an Argentine, a Ukranian/American, and a full-blooded American from Texas. It was really fun to talk with such a diverse group. Kind of felt like I was back in DC actually.

On Sunday, we were invited to a Colombian friend’s house for lunch. This turned into a four hour feast with more fantastic conversation. I feel so blessed for all of the friends that we are making here.

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