Aren’t They Cute?

Today we celebrated Saige’s birthday at her preschool. It was so sweet! It was also bittersweet because we decided to take her out of school. The doctor who came to see her when she was sick last week said something that I had been thinking for awhile, “She is getting sick way too often and has taken way too many antibiotics. You either need to keep her home for another year until her immune system is stronger or find a school with stricter cleanliness standards, one that doesn’t allow kids to come when they are sick.”

It has been a difficult decision. Saige seems to really like her school and hanging out there all morning today, I could see why. It’s very Waldorf, simple and homey, with homemade snacks, lots of singing and outdoor playtime (including the neighbors’ puppies and bunny) and very sweet kids. They are very kind to each other and to Saige and the teacher is as patient as can be.

We decided to take her out for now (I can’t bear the thought of another trip to Peru with a sick toddler) and check out some other preschools here. The problem with her staying home for another year is that she is very social and there are no other kids around during the day. The problem with another preschool is that she might keep getting sick. We will see. If there is one thing I have learned here is that there is always an answer if I am just patient and open to possibilities.

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