Potty training

Now I know why we were lazy Americans and waited until our older girls were three to potty train. At three, it took about an hour. They pulled down their pants and did their business.

Here in Colombia, kids are potty trained earlier. By two, pretty much everybody is done. Diapers are expensive and bad for the environment so I was shamed into potty training Saige. Plus, I figured it would be nice not to bring a gazillion diapers on our trip to Peru.

Well, two weeks into our potty training experiment, we are far from our goal. We continue to change clothes and clean up messes every thirty minutes. Saige refuses to go in her potty. She does however announce that she is about to pee or poop before she goes on the floor or on our bed or on the coffee table.

I am told that she will get there if we are patient and just persist, but I have to confess that I am losing steam. If it wasn’t for the thought of lugging all those diapers to Peru, I would have given up by now.

In other news, Jade, our nine year old, and Siena, our six year old, are sick. Jade is home with a high fever and Siena threw up in the middle of the night. Who said that parenthood isn’t a blast?

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