Adventure Awaits

Apparently all I had to do was talk to her. After two and a half weeks of trying to potty train our toddler, Saige, by saying “next time you have to chi chi (the local slang) or popo, use the potty”, only to hear a firm toddler “No!”, I finally said to her today, “Saige, please do me a favor and use the potty. We are going to Peru in five days and we just don’t have room for diapers.”

Saige just nodded her head, “yes”, in response. An hour later, she told me that she needed to chi chi and used the potty. Wow! I was impressed. It never occurred to me to just tell it to her like it is. I guess two year olds know alot more than we give them credit for.

In other news, I spent several hours today reconfirming hotel reservations and preparing for our trip to Peru. I have no idea how I am going to fit all of our stuff into two big backpacks, but my excitement for the trip is finally starting to outweigh my fear that I am getting in way over my head. We are going on an adventure!

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