A Long Weekend of Celebrations

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We celebrated Jade turning 10 with three days of festivities. The day of her actual birthday, a friend of mine made a gorgeous cake for her to share with her classmates at her new school, followed by dinner at a restaurant with her family. The following day two of her girlfriends came over and had a two-day slumber party! They played and giggled late into the night and we took them to an amusement park, Parque Jaime Duque. (Apparently there is a Colombian tradition of breaking raw eggs on the birthday girl’s head. I assured Jade’s friends that she would not enjoy this type of surprise so they opted for having Jade break a ribbon instead.)

As an aside, I love amusement parks here in Colombia. They seem sweet and old fashioned without the commercialism I find in American amusement parks. I am sure there was a kiosk somewhere in Jaime Duque selling souvenirs, but I didn’t see it. As a result, the kids weren’t whining that they wanted something, which was so much more relaxing.

This made me realize that in general our life style is so much less materialistic here than in the States. I don’t feel like I have to work that hard to keep my kids grounded here. Granted, we have purposely been hanging out with middle class Colombians and enrolled them in schools where simplicity is a value. But I think it’s also that they see poverty and simple living all around us and seem content with what they have without asking for more. I like that.

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