We Are Getting Married!

Yep, after almost 19 years together, twelve of them legally married by the State of Maryland, Esteban and I will get married in Colombia today. For the visa.

You see, Esteban is here on a work visa and I am here as a spouse. For some reason that makes no sense to us, the Colombian government doesn’t recognize our American marriage certificate (even though that’s what we used to obtain our original visas from the Colombian consulate in Boston) and requires us to get married in Colombia. In a notary’s office so the marriage can be notarized. Not very romantic.

I am trying to think of this as an opportunity to renew our vows but the notary’s office is a pretty drab and depressing place. Our older daughters, Jade and Siena, want this to be a real wedding.

“Will you wear a big white wedding dress?” asked Siena, our soon-to-be seven year old.

“And can we stay home from school and come with you to see you get married?” asked Jade, our ten year old.

As much as I wanted to make this a fun and special occasion for them to remember, I had to answer “No” to both of their questions. Jade just started at a new school so we don’t feel like we can take her out for the day. And we have to do this today because time is of the essence (we only have a month until our current visa runs out and things take a long time when dealing with governments) and we don’t even know if we have all of the necessary paperwork.

We have received very different information from different sources as to what we need to make our marriage official here. In fact, we tried to do this two weeks ago, only to be told by the notary that we needed our daughters’ birth certificates, translated into Spanish and with some official seal, to be able to get married.The birth certificates were finally translated, with appropriate seals, yesterday so we are off to the notary again today.

I do feel like we need to do something special to mark the occasion. Maybe a celebration party is in order? It’s not every day we get married in Colombia!

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