Amazing Waldorf Party in Pictures!

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It was family day at Siena’s Waldorf School today and it was fantastic! Great food, games, and dancing (as at every Colombian event). Each class had to dress up in traditional costumes from different regions of Colombia. Siena’s class had to dress up in costumes from the Andean region and we all got into the spirit!

Jade’s former class dressed up in costumes from the Caribbean. Jade wanted to dress up also and dance with her class. She was sad to say goodbye to her teacher. It was really great that she had this opportunity to say goodbye to her old school.


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4 Responses to Amazing Waldorf Party in Pictures!

  1. Tuija Voutilainen says:

    Why did change schools? What school is she attending now? Wonderful pictures!

    • Pls read my posts of July 13 and 24. It was a tough decision because I love Waldorf but Jade’s class was not working. She was not happy and with very good reasons and just waiting to go back to the States. I felt her retreat into herself and that is just not Jade.
      The new school has been great. it has alot of waldorf features like hand-on learning, lots of art and music and learning through multiple artistic mediums and no technology at school, lots of activities in nature. They also have a very strong focus on kids’ emotional development and work alot with the kids to be good citizens. Jade is super happy here, learning alot and already has lots of friends (it’s a much bigger school with 2 classes per grade so Jade had about 30 girls to chose from). She started returning back to her enthusiastic self within days of starting this school so we know that we made the right choice for her.

  2. Amy says:

    My favorite pictures so far! Looks like such a fun even and the girls are adorable. You too : )

  3. Lynn says:

    Beautiful pics! It must have been a wonderful event.

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