Siena’s Birthday Bash

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We celebrated Siena’s 7th birthday at Multiparque on Saturday. Multiparque is a kids’ park in Bogota. I like it because it’s fairly low key, as far as kids parks go, with lots of outdoor activities and gorgeous mountain views.

Siena had a great time at her party although mama was a little nervous to start. We invited everybody for 1 pm and arrived at 1:30 pm ourselves. “We are learning the ways of Colombia. Nobody will be here for hours,” I said to Esteban. Oops, I forgot that we invited a couple of kids whose mom is American. They were there at 1 pm. How embarrassing!

Good thing the American kids were on time because nobody else was even remotely on time. You would think that I would be used to it by now but by 2:30 pm, I was getting kind of nervous. What if nobody shows up? Throwing parties in Colombia is like reliving junior high.

I need not have worried. By 3pm, most of the guests were there, with not only parents but even cousins, uncles and grandmas in tow. I started to worry whether we ordered enough food! One grandma kept asking me for more pizza and cake so she can bring it home for the parents who couldn’t make the party. OOOOK, I can be generous. But when she asked me for the party decorations, I had to draw the line.

“Can I take the balloons for the kids?” she said at about 3 pm just as the other guests were arriving.

“Are you leaving now?” I said, thinking that I didn’t want to be rude but these balloons were my only party decoration.

“No, I just want to put them in the car so I can make sure that we get some”, she replied.

OK, how do I tell this lovely old  woman that she can not have my party decorations? Just like that. I just came out with it. “I would love for you to have some balloons but would you mind waiting until the party is over because they are my only decorations?”

So these were my little party dramas. The kids however had a fantastic time. Siena was running around with her friends and had a blast. That’s what really matters.

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3 Responses to Siena’s Birthday Bash

  1. Lynn says:

    Fun party! Good for you for standing your ground on the balloons. 🙂
    Birthday hugs and love from all of us for Siena!

  2. Harriet Hirsch says:

    Do you have a friend who can interpret the requests and actions that our culture considers rude? I think the person asking (i.e. the grandma) must be operating in some other dimension. I can’t assume that they are really rude. I’d love to hear.

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