A Long Awaited Date!

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Esteban and I finally did something yesterday (yet another three day weekend!) that we haven’t done in over two years… We left the kids with a babysitter and took a whole day to ourselves.

We started driving to Chicaque, a national park about an hour drive from our house that we really wanted to visit. We were looking forward to a serious hike, zip line rides, and horseback riding. It seemed like a good plan but about forty minutes into our drive, it started to rain. The more we drove, the stronger the rain became. We decided that it might be time for a change of plans. Weather is very changeable here. We usually have three seasons in any given day, sometimes in five minutes. However, when the clouds are low and gray, chances are that the rain is here to stay.

So we changed directions and drove to Piedras de Tunjo an archeological park near Facatavita.  It’s a great place to hike amongst awesome rock formations with ancient Muisca drawings and ruins. (The Muiscas are an ancient indigenous culture that once thrived in this area.)

Having worked up an appetite during our hike, we drove to a restaurant with delicious seafood and gorgeous mountain views and had a leisurely three hour lunch. It was a heavenly day! Mom and dad really needed some couple time (OK, we are spoiled here. We do go out on evening dates almost every week. There is something different about daytime dates though. Just us and the open road….)

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