Country Club Living, Here We Come!

We are moving to a new house (literally brand-new) in a different conjunto next week. Our current landlord was dragging her feet on whether we could renew our lease so we started looking around and found a house that everybody is excited about. We are going to give up the gorgeous view we have in this house but we are getting a lot in exchange. The new house is bigger with lots of light, very close by so we are still close to school, and best of all the conjunto has a huge green space overlooking gorgeous mountain scenery (our current green space is miniscule), a pool, tennis courts, a gym, a sauna, squash courts, a game room and a playground. I can honestly call it a country club. The kids are so excited that they are counting down the days until our move.

I, on the other hand, am running around like crazy getting the lease signed, blinds custom made, internet installed… all things that take a little longer here.

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