Land of Opportunity

I am sitting here watching the Republican Convention on CNN. I haven’t turned on the TV once since we arrived here. It’s weird. I am very struck by how patriotic the US is.

I am also very stuck by how “positive” American culture seems. “We can do it. We are the best. You work hard and anything is possible.” It always seemed a little contrived when I lived in the US but having lived abroad for thirteen months now, the US really does look like the land of opportunity. I can hear the collective groan of non-Americans as they read this, but really, Americans are very positive as a whole and people pretty much let you live life however you see fit. I miss that.

On a different note, we are moving tomorrow. I am a little sad because this house has been our home when we felt unrooted and unmoored. And then there is the amazing view that I am going to miss.

What I am not going to miss however is the leaky bathroom sink or the moldy peeling kitchen paint, both of which our landlord has not gotten around to fix over the past five months. I am also not going to miss the next door neighbor who still likes to wake up with her alarm every so often.

Of course, I have no idea of what our new neighbors will be like but change is kind of exciting. I am looking forward to living in a bigger conjunto with more kids and lots of things to do.

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