Burning Down the House

Protective gear anyone?

A locksmith came over to change the locks on our new house and install a deadbolt. It all seemed straight forward enough so the five of us went about our business.

The next we know, the locksmith, without warning, pulled out a blow torch and started cutting the metal door with it. Sparks were flying everywhere! There was fire in our house!

The girls screamed in fear. Esteban and I reassured them, made sure that the sparks weren’t burning the floor and then laughed, trying to imagine this happening in the US. With liability issues, can you  imagine a workman pulling out a blowtorch and using it with little kids around, no protective gear, and no warning?

Our laughter was short lived when we heard Jade and Siena, our 10 and 7 year olds, crying as sparks landed on them (across a big room!). They didn’t burn their skin but apparently hurt nonetheless. We quickly got them out of the room. The locksmith was nonchalant through it all. He didn’t stop his work or pay much attention to the mayhem around him. I can honestly say that every day is an adventure here!

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