Great trip to Villa de Leyva

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My parents were here for a few days and we all went on a wonderful trip to Villa de Leyva, a small well-preserved colonial town (founded in the 1650’s) about three hours away from Bogota. I will let the photos do the talking, but in a nutshell we strolled the streets of Villa de Leyva, ate lots of great food, had the obligatory ice cream stops, went horseback riding in gorgeous mountain scenery and visited Gondiva, a dinosaur theme park where kids can learn about dinosaurs and dig for fossils. We also went to see “EL Fossil”, a 120 million year old fossil discovered in the area. In case you are wondering why all this focus on dinosaurs and fossils, millions of years ago Villa de Leyva was under the sea. At some point, this sea dried up, leaving behind many fossils.

In other news, there is water running down our bedroom wall and the drywall is crumbling. Apparently a pipe burst in an adjacent house. The house is still under warranty but the trick is to find somebody to fix it before the ceiling falls on our heads.

All that said, we are still thrilled to be living here. Everybody finally has their own bedrooms, it’s extremely quiet and we are all enjoying the amenities. The girls swim in the pool three or four times per week. Jade has joined a tennis class in the conjunto, with two other girls her own age, and Esteban and I have taken to working out regularly, either at the gym or at the tennis court. And don’t even get me started on how much I love the sauna. I have taken to doing my writing in there, thereby not feeling guilty about taking the time away from work to go several times per week. Loving the country club living!

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