We are conflicted.  Esteban and I both want to visit our dear friend in Boston whose husband passed away and go to his memorial services. We were thinking about taking turns going but this means that one of us will miss the memorial service and that we won’t see each other for almost a month given Esteban’s other work trips.

Plus, the older girls want to go to Boston. We have been looking into going as a family. This obviously ups the challenge factor of trying to be there for our friend and help her out with her kids, while taking care of three of our own. Plus, we are not sure of the effect this trip will have on our oldest.

On the one hand, she would be thrilled to go back to Boston, visit her school and see old friends. It would be good for her to feel her roots and know that we are still connected to friends and family, even though we live in Colombia.

On the other hand, she is still getting used to a new school and making new friends. She is still coming back to herself after her challenging experience at the Waldorf School here. She still looks forward to moving back to the States. Will this trip make it even harder to adjust to life in Colombia when we get back?

What to do?

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2 Responses to Boston?

  1. Lynn says:

    Just catching up on your doings….I am so very sorry for your loss! We miss you a lot. Love from all of us! xoxL

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