The Party Was a Smashing Success!

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You might all remember the fundraising gala I had volunteered to throw for Siena’s school to raise money for the hand dryers I asked them to buy after my girls got pinworms and I realized that all the kids at school shared one dirty towel? Vaguely? Yes, that was almost a year ago and after many trials and tribulations, the gala finally happened this past Saturday and it was a great success!

About 120 people showed up (not bad for a school with 57 families), 50 de Joselito (a famous Colombian band who donated their time thanks to a parent at the school who works for Bogota’s top radio station), the DJ took over once the band stopped playing and we danced until 1 am. It was really fun! And we raised a few thousand dollars for the school (not bad given the economic circumstances here)!

People love their salsa music here and Esteban and I struggled to keep up. We really need to take some lessons. The funniest part of the evening was when at midnight the DJ led all 120 of us through a thirty minute line dance.

“Raise your left arm and touch your right knee. Now bounce on the other leg.” he shouted. “Now do the matrimonial step.” (I will let you use your imagination as to what this meant.)

Now I love to work out but at midnight, after a full dinner and way too many drinks, keeping up with this aerobic class was quite a challenge. No matter, we had a great time and everybody seemed very happy to have had the party. I joked that “it took the only gringa in the school to throw a party in Colombia.”

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