A Day of Repose

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Today, we celebrated Esteban’s birthday again by driving up to York, Maine for our favorite lobster rolls. (Warren’s Lobster House is the best!) It was a gorgeous day and just what we needed. Nature really does soothe the soul!

A few more cultural observations:

1. People are so chatty in the US. They talk to complete strangers! Sometimes about somewhat personal things. I used to be one of those people but after a year in Colombia, where approaching strangers are regarded with suspicion, I was really caught by surprise by how many people chatted with us. As an extrovert, I am getting used to this again very quickly. It’s so nice to connect with people!

2. The efficiency here is stressful. Sure I loved it when the Panera employee ran to get me the straw but I didn’t like it so much when the ornery bagel store lady grumbled when we couldn’t say our order fast enough. I could feel the pressure from the other people in line as my kids changed their mind about what type of cream cheese they wanted. What stress!

3. People are not so friendly with children here. I am used to my girls getting a lot of attention in Colombia. Even men there openly appreciate babies! Here in the US, I keep feeling the pressure to get my children to be quiet, to behave, to act like little adults. It’s stressful!

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