Time to Go Home?

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The past couple of days have been non stop as we have continued to see friends and eat… ALOT. I have eaten more bagels in the past week than I have in the last decade of living in the US. But I guess that’s what happens. When we know we can’t get something, we binge.

It is with mixed emotions that we leave Boston and fly to Chicago today to see my family. It has been so wonderful to see friends and we will miss them dearly. We are also really excited to see my family, especially my grandma who we haven’t seen in 14 months.

Truth to tell, however, I am exhausted and ready to get back home to Colombia. (Yes, it has dawned on me that Colombia has become home). Siena, our seven year old, is pretty excited to get back to her friends and horseback riding too. Jade, our ten year old, on the other hand, is on a different page. “It’s all your fault that we moved to Colombia,” she said to me as we drove to the airport. A dagger to a mother’s heart! Ouch!

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