Going Back!

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The past three days in Chicago have been wonderful and challenging. Our bodies succumbed to the exhaustion of our packed schedule and emotional overload of Boston and we all got sick. This really complicated things since the main point of the visit to Chicago was to see my 89 year old grandmother who can not travel to see us. My grandma however has Leukemia and no immune system to speak of so we all had to use face masks and wash our hands non stop. We couldn’t hug or kiss my grandma, which was so hard on all of us.  Despite these precautions, we were all really worried that  my grandma could catch our cold, which for her could quickly turn into pneumonia or worse.

Despite the challenges, we really enjoyed our time in Chicago. Fall is such a beautiful season and the kids really had fun playing in the leaves near Lake Michigan in Evanston. It was so idyllic that even I began to feel nostalgic for the seasons. There is something so magical about each one.

My only regret was not being able to get in touch with any friends while in Chicago. That was the plan, but it proved way too difficult with our illnesses and the limited time we had to spend with my family.

I also spent some time talking to Jade about her feelings about returning to Colombia. Turns out she likes it. She just doesn’t like that her Spanish is not as good as the other kids in her class when it comes to writing and they write alot in her school. Plus her last name begins with the letter “A” so she is always first to read her work. This seems like a ripe opportunity for growth and quite frankly, I was relieved that it was nothing more serious. Jade made it clear that she still prefers Boston, but that there are good things in Colombia too. That really warmed my heart… especially since I am very ready to go back to Colombia.

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