Happy Thanksgiving!

As I ponder our life in Colombia, I am grateful for:

  1. The great friends we have made here.
  2. The community we have created.
  3. Meeting new people and making new friends every day.
  4. The kids are happy and thriving.
  5. Jade, our ten year old, likes her school, has loads if friends and continues to read a lot despite it not being a “cool” thing to do here.
  6. Siena, our seven year old has made many friends, loves her teacher and is able to indulge in her passion – horseback riding – three times a week.
  7. Saige, our two year old, is full of life, always smiling and talking up a storm.
  8. My loving, caring and supportive husband.
  9. My spiritual life.
  10. We have great help, a Waldorf  teacher for a nanny and a housekeeper who takes care of our house as though it were her own.
  11. The gorgeous mountains that surround us.
  12. Adventure and new experiences.
  13. Keeping in touch with family and friends in the US and around the world.
  14. All the amazing trips we have taken.
  15. All the amazing trips we are going to take.
  16. The fantastic weather year around – 60 to 80 degrees Farenheit.
  17. Living in a small town in Colombia – somebody pinch me!
  18. Going dancing, a lot!
  19. Working out at the gym five days per week.
  20. My husband is finally working out or playing tennis three days per week.
  21. The piano teacher and the tennis pro who come to our house.
  22. I am finally learning some manners, saying “Hi. How are you? How’s it going?” and “Bye. See you later. Hope all is well with you.” all in one go like a local. I am also      saying “Could you please be so kind as to do me the favor of….” And “Could      you please give me the gift of passing me a fork?” Who said I couldn’t learn?
  23. WOK, a pan-Asian restaurant in Chia without which I would have gone crazy by now.
  24. Domicilios, everything I could possibly want delivered to my house.
  25. $7 blowouts and $20 massages in the privacy of my home.
  26. Our little 2-door Chevy that gets us around and somehow squeezes in the five of us plus friends, occasionally.
  27. Friendly neighbors.
  28. My computer being fixed after our cat spilled a glass of water on it. I thought that it was a goner!
  29. Turkey and stuffing recipes on the internet. (We are hosting a 25 person Thanksgiving dinner      tomorrow.)

And last but certainly not least….

  1. All you dear friends and readers who have been reading my blog and supporting us in our adventure!      Happy Thanksgiving!
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