Party Time!

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We finally threw a birthday party for Jade’s new school friends (4 months after her actual birthday). The kids played in the pool, did a treasure hunt and had a great time! Jade was happy and we met her friends and their parents which was great for us! (Especially since I really liked the moms of her closest friends!)

I am proud to report that I was really much more relaxed this time. Jade invited 13 girls, but only two people RSVP’d, which apparently means nothing in Colombia anyway, and I had no idea how many kids were coming and how many parents were staying.  I just ordered a cake and food for 25 people and decided to go native and not worry about things. As it turned out, 10 kids showed up and various parents drifted in and out and stayed for different lengths of time and I was relaxed. Major progress!

Jade, on the other hand, had a plan of what she wanted to do (pool 3 to 4:30, then the treasure hunt, etc.) and was very concerned about timing and logistics. One of the moms said to her, when only half the kids arrived at 3 pm (the party was from 2 pm to 6 pm), “This is Colombia. Those of us arriving at 3 pm are still early. Don’t expect the party to really get going until 4 pm.”

I have to admit that as much as I am working on being more relaxed (Is that an oxymoron?), I was happy to see that Jade still has a sense of timing and scheduling within her. I have to confess that I was worried that full cultural immersion would rid her of time management skills and while I don’t want my girls to be time-obsessed or stressed like I am a lot of the time, I would like them to be able to plan, and most importantly, follow through. So far, so good.

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