The Perfect Colombian Day!

Yesterday was a perfect “I love it here in Colombia” day. Now that the girls have summer vacation, I have been taking two days a week off from work to go on outings with them. These outings have been as much fun for me as for them. Take yesterday for instance.

The girls and I met up with a friend and her girls in Cota, a small mountain town nearby. We hiked a nearby mountain and armed with art supplies and inspired by the gorgeous mountain views, proceeded to draw and color. It was idyllic, save for the cow poop all around us. As my friend said, “That’s what you get in nature.”

It was a really nice morning but it was actually what happened next that really made my day, my week, my year here. My friend has been raving about a nearby pizza place so we decided to have lunch there. They were actually closed for construction when we arrived but since my friend is a regular, the owner said that he would be happy to whip up some pizzas for us in his kitchen.

It started to rain so he invited us inside his home, a gorgeous country bungalow with one-of- a-kind furniture (he is a carpenter!) and art all over (he is also an accomplished artist!). The girls played while my friend and I went into the wood-beamed country kitchen with spectacular mountain views and helped cut tomatoes and mushrooms and chop basil. We chatted with the owners and helped make our individual pizzas.

An hour and a half later, we were like old friends. Not only were the pizzas, with their super thin crispy dough and fresh toppings, by far the best that we have had in Colombia, but the owners could not have been nicer! As we were eating in the living room, the owner’s wife came home with her parents and cousins and they all greeted us warmly and oohed and aahed over the girls. By the time we left, they were saying goodbye like we were their long lost cousins. “Come back and bring your husbands here,” they said. “We will be done with the construction by Sunday.” You bet we will!

Any of you who live in the Bogota area and want truly fantastic pizza in a quaint mountan setting, the pizza place is called “Mia Casa Pizza” in Cota.

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