My baby is learning Russian!

OK, she is my ten year old baby but I am excited, nonetheless. Jade has expressed an interest in learning Russian (and Italian, French, Chinese and German but you have to start somewhere….).  My aunt in Florida heard about Jade’s interest and has generously offered to teach Jade over Skype. My aunt worked as a Russian speech therapist for the past 45 years and now teaches Russian to children so she is a pro. They will be working together daily for the foreseeable future to build a base and gain momentum and then it will be my job to support the process by speaking Russian with Jade at home.

Siena, our 7 year old also wants to learn Russian but my aunt’s methodology is better suited for older children. I am hoping that as I start speaking Russian more at home that both Siena and Siage, our two year old, will just pick it up through emersion. Wishful thinking?

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