I Love Andres!

Another fantastically fun night of mojitos and dancing with friends at Andres! Will I ever get tired of it? I hope not!

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2 Responses to I Love Andres!

  1. Annelies says:

    Dear Natalie, I just read your blog (well, not every article, but many of them) and love it! I moved to Colombia with my husband and 2-year-old son at the beginning of August and sometimes I’m struggling with the different lifestyle here, so it’s nice to learn from your experience. I am Dutch, my husband is French and we’ve been living in Amsterdam for the last decade or so. We’re staying in Chia for a couple of weeks, until we find housing in Bogotá. Obviously we would love to spend a night out in Andres Carne de Res, but we would need to find a reliable babysitter first. Would you have any suggestions? Thanks a bunch in advance!
    Hasta luego, Annelies & Luc

    • Hi Annelis, welcome to Colombia! I know it can be challenging at first to adjust to life here but hang in there, it gets better. We actually love it now (well, most of the time) and have no desire to return to the US. As for reliable babysitter, that’s trickier. We have a housekeeper and a nanny so between the two of them, we always have baby sitters when we need them. It’s challenging to find a once in a while baby sitter because you want somebody who is really committed to your family and your child. I don’t know if you plan on hiring a maid or a nanny once you are settled but that would obviously provide you with baby sitting (I would recommend telling them upfront that you want evening babysitting on the weekends). Another great resource is the American Women’s Club (AWC) of Bogota.http://www.awcbogota.com It’s only 50% American and the rest Colombians who speak English and other foreigners who speak English. They do all kinds of events and activities and also have an email list where people ask for referrals of maids, baby sitters, where to find various services in Bogota, doctors, etc. I highly recommend joining the group and getting on the email group. It’s about $50 to join but well worth it as you get top notch referrals for anything that you might need. Feel free to write me again too if you have any questions or need any help. I know how hard it is at first. Hasta luego, Natalie

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