Houseguests. One of the best parts of living in a foreign country is having friends come to visit. Not only is it wonderful to see friends and speak English, but it’s also wonderful to share our current life and culture with them.

A dear friend of mine from Boston and her two daughters just spent a week with us. I have to confess that I was abit nervous before they came, wondering how well it would work to have five girls under the age of 10 in one house for a week. But I need not have worried. The kids had a great time and so did my friend and I.

We also had a very packed schedule. We explored Chia (the small town where we live) and Bogota. We took a cablecar up to Monteserrate.We visited the fabled lake of Guatavita and fed fish in the Laguna nearLa Vega . We enjoyed the small towns of Tabio and Tenjo and the bucolic scenery nearby. We had a great lunch at La Granja and the kids enjoyed all of the activities there. We visited the famous Salt Cathedral. We basically hit most of the major sites in a week with 5 kids in tow. We had a great time!

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