Visiting the Bigwigs

The streets near the Presidential Palace

The streets near the Presidential Palace

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I am in the big leagues now. Just joking. But I did get to go on a tour of Palacio Narino, the presidential palace, in Bogota with AWB (American Women in Bogota) yesterday. It was kind of a big deal because tours of the Palacio are not normally given to the public.

Due to security concerns, we had to submit our passport or cedula (Colombian government issues ID) numbers to the powers that be ahead of time so they could run a background check on each of us. Once at the palace, our purses were confiscated along with our cell phones.

A military guard, who spoke great English, then gave us a tour of the palace. We visited all the public rooms (the president’s bedroom and bathroom were off limits) and saw an eclectic collection of beautiful art from around the world. At one point, we were asked to talk quieter because the President was having some important meetings upstairs. Oops!

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